Department of Computer Science & Engineering


A diploma in Computer Science & Engineering can lead to a career in software development and software engineering, where students design, implement, test and maintain large software systems or a career in such specialized fields as computer graphics, games, security, robotics, artificial intelligence and expert systems, distributed systems, embedded applications, databases, web applications, network applications and networking. The diploma holders can lead to a career in almost any industry, including aerospace, manufacturing, banking, health, research, entertainment, telecommunications, social media and education. Computer engineers often become essential members of interdisciplinary design and research teams, working on problems from all technical domains.

Mission & Vision

Mission of PPJ CSE is to enable our students in deep technical, problem solving, and leadership skills needed to create new computing technologies and to harness software to empower people, organizations, and society.

To provide education for life by focusing on the inculcation of human & moral values through an honest and scientific approach..

Our vision is building upon our strengths, interdisciplinary approach, innovation and collaborative partnerships we will:

  • Advance the quality of our academic programs, improving our impact and reputation nationally and internationally.
  • Expand the number and quality of mutually beneficial partnerships with industry, and national and international academic partners.
  • Have the human, financial, and infrastructure resources needed to achieve our scholarly objectives.
  • Embrace a spirited, collegial and inclusive environment attracting exceptional students, faculty, and staff.