Diploma in Electronics Engineering is a three years long Diploma certificate program. This field focuses on concepts of electrical engineering, electronic devices and relevant software. Electronics and Communication Engineering is also known by the short name of EC Engineering. Various engineering branches such as- electrical, computer science and telecommunication overlaps EC Engineering. It consists of elements of the above mentioned engineering disciplines.

We use wide variety of electronic goods in our day to day lives like TV, mobile phones, computers etc are some of the well known examples. Electronics and Communication engineering is involved in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of such electronic equipment.

EC Engineering not only deals with small household electronic goods. It also deals with design, manufacturing and maintenance of electrical, electronic and computer sciences systems used in large and medium sized industries too!

The prime focus of EC Engineering can be said to be on design, analysis and manufacturing of electronic and communication circuits. Some of the important subjects covered in this discipline include- Control systems, Logic design, VLSI, PCB Design, Circuit Networks, Integrated circuits, Electrical systems, Communication engineering, Signal processing, Sensors etc.


To impart excellent technical education for developing ethically sound and globally competent Electronics Engineers.


  • To provide a creative environment through structured teaching – learning process.
  • To achieve academic excellence.
  • To strive towards efficient industry-institute interaction.
  • To serve the needs of the society through R&D activities.
  • To inculcate self learning attitude, entrepreneurial skills and professional ethics.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Students will be able to contemplate real time social problems and deliver efficient solutions.
  • Students will be professionally competent with life-long learning.
  • Students will be able to work in multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary teams.
  • Students will have efficient communication and managerial skills.

Program specification outcomes (PSOs)

The department has identified three program specific outcomes (PSOs). Students in electronics and Communication engineering will be able to

  • Work in teams and actively pursue life-long learning.
  • To be successfully employable in the core as well as multi-disciplinary companies.
  • Successfully communicate and demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurship qualities.