Department Of Electrical Engineering (Industrial control)


Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

The Basic Electrical Engineering lab is well equipped and it helps to impart knowledge in the following areas.

  • Source of electrical energy, meaning of electrical quantities and the behavior of circuit elements used in all the electrical networks. Design and analysis of AC magnetic networks.
  • Different circuit laws and theorems and its application to solve complicated circuits.
  • Design of Electrical circuits by analyzing circuit parameters and circuit characteristics.
  • Fundamental knowledge of resonance in RLC series and parallel circuits.

Electrical Measurement Lab

The Electrical Measurement lab is well equipped and it helps to impart knowledge in the following areas.

  • Study of different electrical parameters by applying the basic concepts of electrical measurements and error which include measurement of resistance, inductance and capacitance etc.
  • Basic concepts on Galvanometer, Ammeter and Potentiometer in measurement of power.
  • Energy, frequency and power factor of electrical appliances for their smooth functioning in industries and power sectors, operation of current transformer and potential transformer and its implementation in transmission and distribution.

Electrical Machine Lab I & II

The electrical machines labs are well equipped and they help to impart knowledge in the following areas:

  • General safety to be followed in handling different electrical machines and measuring devices, interpretation of data from measuring devices and correlation with the theories and parameters of machines.
  • Different characteristics of a DC shunt generator, motor, induction motor and transformer and testing of or DC machines for determination of different parameters.
  • Working and behavior of machines.
  • Basic knowledge & understanding of Three Phase Synchronous Generators, Synchronous Generator Construction and armature reaction, methods of voltage regulation, speed regulation and determination of different reactance
  • Parallel operation of Three Phase A.C. Synchronous Generators and Three Phase Synchronous Motors
  • Three Phase Transformers, Constructional features, Transformer Three phase Connections Single Phase and Special Purpose Motors, their construction and principle of operation.

Installation, Maintenance And Repairing Lab

The Installation and maintenance Lab is well equipped and it helps to impart knowledge in the following areas.

  • Maintenance and installation of different types of motors.
  • Maintenance and installation of different types of electrical equipment like fan, cooler, water heater, electric iron, etc.
  • Testing of dielectric oil of a transformer.

E-Learning Studio –

Department has a studio room for video lectures and conferences. All the lectures and notes are delivered via classroom as well as with e- learning zone.

For e-learning we use our ERP system, Zoom and Google classroom.

Student Achievement

  • Student Banarasi lal Patel was topper of UPBTE in 2015.
  • Student Shivam yadav of EE(IC) first year is winner of table tennis competition in OJAS 2020.
  • Second year student Prabhat kannaujiya is winner of Quiz compition 2020.

Academic Event

  • We are organized an Industrial visit in last of every semester.
  • Electrical technology related workshop organized every month.