Mechanical Engineering (Production)


We have following laboratories.

Applied Mechanics Laboratory

This Laboratory deals with basic concepts of mechanics like laws of forces, moments, friction, centre of gravity, laws of motion and simple machines which are required by the students for further understanding of other allied subjects. This laboratory enhances the analytical ability of the students. This lab is offered for the first-year students of Mechanical engineering, and Civil Engineering.

Mechanics of solids laboratory

Mechanics of solid laboratory is well equipped with destructive testing machineries. This lab is offered for the second-year students of mechanical engineering. Students will be able to understand the basic concepts of mechanics of solid and enable to apply them to practical problems in this laboratory. Different types of tests are conducted in this laboratory for mechanical properties of various materials such as Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, Hardness, Toughness, Stiffness, etc. Many students of Final year are utilizing this laboratory for their project works for testing of various materials like composite materials, ferrous and nonferrous alloys, etc.

Thermal engineering laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to understand the basic principles in the areas of internal combustion engines, boilers and refrigeration systems to students through a series of experiments. Thermal laboratory provides lot of opportunity to the students to study different types of engines, boilers, steam turbines, compressors etc.

Hydraulics laboratory

The purpose of hydraulics laboratory is to look insight into the fluids and to understand the basic principles and the phenomenon of the fluid flow. This laboratory is equipped with flow measuring equipments & machines such as orifices, notches, orifice meter, venture meter, Reynolds’s experiments etc.

Metrology laboratory

Metrology is the science of measurement. Students in this laboratory are responsible for ensuring process and quality control by making measurements and carrying out inspection of various parameters. The aim of this laboratory is to develop knowledge and skills regarding various measuring instruments amongst the students.

CAD laboratory

In CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of mechanical engineering drawings using the latest version of AutoCAD software. Student will learn CAD layout and 3D solid modeling definition. Students will also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for mechanical engineering discipline.

Production Technology Laboratory

The students get exposure to different conventional production processes using Lathe machine, Drilling machine, Shaper machine, Milling machine and Grinding Machine Tools for different machining processes. Apart from the above, we have Arc welding facilities for different welding processes.

The lab is equipped with different measuring tools to understand and apply measurement process.

Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical workshop is a place where skills can be developed. The areas such as fitting, carpentry, welding, machining, black smithy, pattern making, foundry etc. can help students to check their theoretical knowledge learnt in classroom. Mechanical workshop is a place in which students can convert any material from one form to another form with help of machines & tools.